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I love textiles and have always designed and made clothes, so this is my dream. I have combined both of my passions. My wildlife art and textiles.

I have designed a range of textile products around my art. I have started with a range of silk scarfs that will be added to over the coming months. The first delivery is based on just two designs for women, however I have plans for a mens range of silk luxury goods.

At the moment I just have the designs below to show, when the product arrives in a couple of weeks and we get them modelled and photographed I will get them on the website.

The silk used is a 65gsm silk twill which drapes and flows like a mountain stream. It takes colour with perfect clarity on both sides. The scarfs come in 4 sizes. If you love silk scarfs I have 92cm x 92cm. Next in line is the 44cm x 100cm. If you like to wear a cheeky scarf with no trailing ends in lots of crafty ways around your neck, in your hair or on your hand bag then theres the 44cm x 44cm. Finally theres the pocket square if you want your man to match (matching silk ties to follow) 37cm x 37cm. 

All the scarfs come packaged in stylish black boxes and black tissue with embossed vellum sleeves.

This is the 44cm x44cm

and also 37cm x 37cm

This is the 'On the Wing' design with peonies. 92cm x 92cm.

The design below is 44cm x 100cm

This range is based on 'On the Throne' with yellow flag iris's and Monarch butterflies.

Same sizes as above

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